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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Idiots: Listening to Argue not to Learn

Well, my goodness, I do not know if it has been the rain, the heat, the golf, but for some reason I have not had the grit to make a comment on all the silliness that goes on every day, minute by minute, in this country. For sure, if you have been watching the town hall meetings and the cable news shows, and if you have not spotted more than one idiot yapping and screaming over some inane point or another, then I recommend that you not take up bird watching as a hobby; you are likely never to see a bird.

First, I think it is beyond the coolest thing I have seen to see the likes of Arlen Specter getting chewed out by more than one of the constituents that he abandoned for his own self interest. Republicans from Pennsylvania put him in office for years, and when he saw that he might not get reelected as a Republican, he does a Lieberman and switches to the Democratic Party which was dumb enough to take him in. I haven’t a clue about where this political legerdemain stands as to constitutionality, but if I were from Pennsylvania, a democrat or a republican, I sure would not believe a damn thing he said and a surely would rather have a stick in my eye than vote for him for dog catcher (pity the poor dog catcher is he or she really the low dog at the political pound?). So when he got chewed out by the fellow who swore that Specter and his cronies would stand before god and get his just desserts, I nearly jumped up on my ottoman and cheered. Even better was his little diatribe about how the lobbyists are popping all sorts of bucks in ol’ Arlen’s pockets. Way beyond cool because it was true and Specter deserved every bit that he got. That seemed to be democracy in action.

And I don’t care a bit, as some cable commentators disguised as journalists are insisting, that all this rancor and out bursts of speech are organized by one group or by a thousand little groups, and somehow that is unfair. Well, of course it’s fair for anyone to stand up and talk in a public meeting, organized or not, that right is protected by the Constitution; that much I do know. People are mad with the government, and they are taking advantage of a town hall meeting to get really pissed off with a face that is the government. I am almost glad that they are there, and if some feel like they are being yelled down, then they ought to find how to organize and do better yelling. Let’s all yell and holler and swell up and tell the Arlen Specters just what we think of them when they abandon the people who put them in office.

So far, I’ve identified one idiot so far, Arlen Specter; you see he is a man who believes he is entitled to be a U. S. Senator. But Specter was not alone in the idiot parade that has done a quick march into and out of civic meetings and across the television screens and air waves for the past eight months. No, there is not a thing wrong with taking advantage of our constitutional right to free speech. Unfortunately, the founders of the country, all intelligent men from what I can figure, did not limit free speech to those who make sense or to those who have a legitimate point. Any fool can say anything he wants under the protection of the Constitution; any fool can get up in front of a mob and say the damned silliest things and be as fully protected as those who have a factual point or an opinion that they thought out for themselves. Sadly, the idiots get more press and get more applause, I guess, for they are at an idiots’ convention.

Good gawd, one fool stood up and shouted about how the government was going to ration health care for seventy year olds with cancer. She no doubt was spurred on by another public idiot, former governor Palin, who made a yawp about Obama death panels. And Palin is supposed to be a reasonable person seeking, desiring public office? And then there was the idiot who complained that the White House was asking that emails, soliciting disruption of civic meetings, be forwarded to its attention. I don’t even know if that his statement is true, but as long as someone is asking and not seizing or illegally searching, what difference does it make if I want to let my elected officials know about something that is a concern to me? That idiot obviously does not know the difference between volunteered information and information seized by warrant-less wiretaps by our government against its own citizens. As if this isn’t enough, take a look at the clip that I have added below and study on the woman, flag and zip lock bag in hand, showing Mike Castle her birth certificate from the United States of America, with a certificate, and wanting to know why they had ignored that President Obama is not a citizen of the United States. To this question, she gets a round of applause from all the nob-heads who surround her. She is there asking a question, supposedly, seeking a clarification. When Castle tells the gathering that the president IS a citizen of the United States, he is roundly booed.

This display is so like the other examples of stupidity displayed in the media that I cannot leave it alone. It is typical of all the weirdoes, birthers, tea-baggers, and the rest of the kooks who gather in the name of the First Amendment. Sadly, they do not have to qualify for good sense to be there. They do not have enough sense to know how one gets a birth certificate or who issues it. They listen to all sorts of garbage intended for emotional effect, but they won’t go to a document or original source to read and think and educate themselves in a civil fashion. But the most egregious and sad fault of all is that these misinformed dolts are there not to learn but to argue. No matter what evidence they are given, no matter what source verifies an opposite sentiment, they are not going to believe; they don’t want to; they want to argue. Listening to argue rather than listening to learn at a meeting intended to inform qualifies them as just plain stupid, and it is a shame that they are protected by a Constitutional amendment says in part “ right of the people peaceably to assemble” and which they obviously do not understand. Idiots.

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