Thursday, December 31, 2009


Been a long time since I have awarded the BITMA; so many mouths, so few bricks.
But here you go Dick Cheney, you dick, here's a brick in the mouth. Why do you not just go away and shut up? And the rest of you idiot Republicans who cannot make a positive action or move out of your lock-step, goosestep for the good of our country, you just go away and shut up , too.

I am sick and tired of Cheney and his party using any moment of trouble or threat to this country as an excuse to dredge up more hate and fear in an attempt to control the country. Cheney and his boss blew it in Afghanistan, blew in Yemen, blew it in Nigeria in fact they blew every piece of government management for 8 years that felt like centuries and got wealthier doing it. It is bad enough that we had to suffer through the worst presidency of our nation's history with Cheney calling the shots while boosting his stock portfolio but to now have to suffer his idiocy and the idiocy of a myna-bird Republican party who will never open its mouth with a positive statement or suggestion, is beyond all sense and sentiment.
For those of your who pretend to be patriots and support this moron, go do some reading about how your ilk has been a major contributor to the ruination a perfectly good country.

Dick you are a dick; you suck and so does every man and woman who repeats your lies and venom.

Sadly there are not enough bricks in the world to fill your hateful mouth.