Friday, April 15, 2011

Pickin’ on Da Kid

Can you imagine the asperity of Obama? What good American would invite someone to a party then insult him in front of all the guests? Well the Prez did just that to my man Paul Ryan attacking him there, in of all places, George Washington University the East’s pillar of political science. I just don’t get what Obama thinks to gain by using an attack mentality and insults in the science of politics.

Look, Ryan is a Young Gun, A Rising Star, a Rock Star of Conservatives- endorsed by Sara Palin and nearly a Saint Paul of the religion of the Tea Party. Any goober can see that Obama just alienates more people by picking on this solid, young man from Wisconsin, the state that finally got it right by being the first to recognize that school teachers and all their rotund benefits are the REAL reason this country is flat broke. If the rest of the nation would just get it and dump the benefits to all those folks making 50 K a year and push all Entitlements into the free market and private enterprise, we would all be better off.

Here’s what’s good about Ryan’s leadership and thinking. His budget:
1. keeps the Defense Budget right where it should be for the safety of every US citizen- untouched.
2. eliminates tax loopholes and deduction- Ryan doesn’t mention which ones will go, but the republicans and Tea party will wade through them to the benefit of all Americans.
3. reduces taxes to raise revenue (Ryan has got more than the Reagan look going on this point of his budget); all those tax savings will trickle back into the economy here at home thus creating way more jobs.
4. dumps Medicare which is swallowing our great nation and puts health care for all folks where it belongs- in the arms of the American insurance companies which will again create more jobs for bookkeepers, clerks, janitors, business-form sellers, etc., etc. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida and now the chair of the democratic party calls Ryan’s Medicare voucher system “a death certificate” for seniors. Just like the damn democrats using the death image to try to scare people. What does she know about balancing a budget or healthcare for that matter?
5. dumps for once and for all the silly research in renewable and alternative energies, a great plan for the companies- coal and oil - which truly make America great. I won’t go on about all the wildcatters and coal miners who will benefit from this sensible cutting in special-interest-energy groups.
6. gives deeper tax cuts to the Americans who deserve it the most- the rich who will positively reinvest those savings back into American industry. Every righteous American know that Goldman Sachs, Exxon, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Chase, J.P. Morgan need tax cuts to come on out of the financial mess that drug them down. (Ryan also gets rid of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac two institutions that are the second cause after school teachers for the collapse of our economy. What with their loaning gobs of money to blacks and Mexicans who didn't qualify for or intend to pay for their loans, its a wonder we aren't deeper in the hole than we are.)
7. contains not ONE ideological, rib of a republican platform-it’s just good finance, plainly put.

Paul Ryan is, for America, flat-out sidereal and rising faster than a Betty Crocker soda biscuit. I just hope he keeps on gaining, keeps on cutting benefits, cutting give-aways. With his stentorian sense of what ails America, maybe we can, in 2012, get rid of democrats and progressives for once and for all. The nerve of Obama, insulting da kid who is easily the freshest-smartest political scientist we have had show up in a long, long time.