Tuesday, May 5, 2009

VP Joe, from Wise to Weasel

A few days ago, I defended VP Biden's common sense approach for dealing with the flu: avoid mass transportation. I was OK with his statements that he would advise his family not to travel by air and to avoid even subway travel if they could. Of course the the liberal media being the nit pickers that they are attacked poor old Joe for being an alarmist and for not being on the same page with the rest of the current administration.
I thought it democratic that Joe could be on a different page, that he could have an independent thought, and that he could speak from his personal perspective rather than from one prepared, pressed,and printed by the White House think squads. As usual I was wrong; it wasn't five minutes before some spokesperson or another was clarifying that Joe really meant if they were sick they should not use public transportation. What spin, what manipulation, what a chicken.
I hereby take back my defense ( I can do that right? Change my mind and all?) of the VP; he should have stuck with his guns and his opinion at least showing that he could have an opinion independent of the administrations. Gosh ding it Joe, you didn't put your foot in your considerable mouth by having an opinion, but you sure put your foot in it when you allowed your folks to massage your idea into line with the others. Joe are you a repuklican in disguise like your pal Arlen Specter?