Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm So Tired,

I do not know why my conservative friends always get in such a state of angst and anxiety; they know full well that the republicans always get it their way, by hook or by crook. It’s a very simple plan: elect a bozo to office, find him a cast of gruesome characters, flog the country to death paying back promises to Big Business (BB), let some sucker from the democrats in long enough that people get pissed off at all the rank stuff left from the republicans, run all sorts of scat postured as FACT through the press and internet, wait for the people in their ultimate wisdom to toss out the democrats, and viola another republican entrenchment. Gosh, what a fun way to run a country. Unfortunately, the democrats are so damn stooopid, so involved in paying back their own political chits, so numbly, democratic in their party workings that they have become the perfect fall guys for the republican lie-spin and wind-bag mouth pieces who pomp about cable news. Plus in the best of repuklican Dirty Tricks, I am lately,and again, inundated with racists cartoons, chain emails which turn out to be half-truths at best and usually simply outright lies, and a bunch of guff about ACORN, still, and birth certificates, still, and Muslim-ism, still, and the anti-Christ, still, and watermelon and fried chicken and Hitler and Castro and - Damn, give it a rest already and send me something that really makes sense.

For example, this ongoing deal about the New Black Panthers is a topic worth yelling about if the allegations are true. It is worth yelling about and thinking about for two reasons: first, it is about race. If the story is true, and if it is true the Attorney general’s office is not touching the allegations because it is run by a partially black man working for a partially black president and neither wants to prosecute The New Black Panthers because of their blackness, well then, that’s all bullshit and all Americans should be pretty damn mad; if all the supposition is true, should raise an honest and loud stink about a miscarriage of equal justice. OK, I know that it is old news that did not initially fly; but it has morphed into old non-flying news that is a pain in the presidential-ass, which brings me to the second reason for this bit of news’s being interesting. Since this story, which appears to have elements of fact, is still out there kicking and being regurgitated to life, it goes to illustrate how totally persistently incompetent Obama’s advisors remain. This is a very sensitive issue, this race-stuff, and especially sensitive to white-folks who want to make sure that both sides of racial infractions are adjudicated equally (their not getting a fair deal in all this so far). I mean nothing stirs up white-folks worse than finding that a person(s) of color is NOT being prosecuted for breaking some law dealing with civil or equal rights. Obama’s team ought to know that that this issue reaches deeper than just the rolls of the Tea Party; I would imagine a bunch of independents are disappointed in the non-action. But the sheer stoopidity of not releasing a clear, concrete, rationale for his office’s not prosecuting, clearly shows, that the PR-boys-and-girls in Obama’s White House are beyond inept. Hey, no matter what, forty percent of the country would not believe the explanation anyway, and absolutely, there is another forty percent who believe there is never a need for explanation. However, it is the Ten Percent Factor (TPF) that the dumbasses in the White House have once again failed to reach. And it is that TPF that swings polls and elects government. The White House somehow feels that these little stories are insignificant and below response. That’s stoopid; in the Disinformation Age, everything is important, especially stories which suggest that your operation is tainted and hypocritical. With Obama stuff was supposed to change and every time his spin-boysandgirls fail to respond to TPF, it simply goes to show how down-right-thick-as-brick change-resistant they are, resistant to good sense. (Personally, I would have more respect for a statement that admitted they were not trying the Panthers because they flat did not want to pick on black folks or that they pulled prosecution because Holder is a former member of the Black Panthers. Hell, for me, an honest answer is a ton more transparent, way better than no answer. Just ask Bill and Hil.) ;

Another and more current issue is this deal about the Jones Act, aka The Merchant Marine Act of 1920. My conservative acquaintances get totally blue-faced-apoplectic because Obama has not waived the act to allow foreign ships to help out with the oil-leak-gush-spew. One good ol’ Tea Bag-leaning boy nearly tore the head-rest of a friend’s Lincoln while screaming that Bush had waived the act during Katrina and now because that no-good-Muslim-son-of-a-bitch owed so much to the goddamned unions, Obama would not waive the act.( I will not provide the expletives used to finish his thinking about the president).. OK, all-righty, I don’t mind emotional, am known to be more than a bit vulgar, BUT what the poor man did not think through or bother to find out was that when the act was passed, the congress was heavily republican and was so from 1920 to 1933; hence the republicans passed the law, using his thinking, for the unions. He is also not aware that it was Chertoff, not Bush, who asked for the waiver so that foreign ships could be used to transfer oil and natural gas from one United States port to another, an action prohibited under the Jones Act. He also does not know that the act applies to only a three mile band around the coast line and initially the containment efforts were at the leak-site and that at least 15 foreign boats have been at work there, sopping-cleaning-sucking-transporting-etc. outside that barrier. Nor did he consider what a nightmare vetting foreign ships entering our waters would be and certainly he forgot the possible threat to national security caused by foreign ships called in to appease the conservo-tea-liber-republocoans. See, only conservatives get to call in the national security chit.) Unfortunately, and despite the short-comings of my buddy’s think-process, this is another classic example of the sheer moronity of the Obama staff for not putting out this fire with a reasonable explanation for why the pres or one of his staff hasn’t waived the damned act just like the Bush-bunch did during Katrina. Sure, the president knows that this Lincoln-ripping individual and other 40 percent like him in this country are not going to believe whatever comes out of this current administration (but they will believe a lie from FUXNews). He need not worry about them; nothing will change their attitudes; in fact, attempts to change them will only deepen their convictions about him. But Obama had to and did not reach the TPF in a quick and sensible way (quick as an internet-chain-mail, traveling at twice the speed of light and gaining in mass of lie and invective as it goes). It is really stooopid not to counter all the troublesome stories that hang on and develop an after-life. But, I have been telling this guy all along that his staff is lacking common sense, and since he has not hired me to put out these little fires and to get the boneheads off his staff, I am about to give it all up for self-mutilation or dope smoking or beer drinking or, or . . . oh, I do not know what; I am sure tired of trying to get this guy straightened out. ; ; ; ;

PS I am offering links to some of my sources in the hopes that a few will learn how to do some sensible research thus reducing my influx of chain mails. No fair reading favorite sites; that would not be character building.
PPS Thanks Beatles for my title.