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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BITMA overdue so Two Awarded to Grassley

I have been remiss in issuing the Brick in the Mouth Award; there are so many candidates, so little bricks. But Senator Chuck Corn Pone Grassley wins two bricks, on for each side of the mouth out of which he speaks. I thought it pretty damned bad when Dumbya showed up in Iowa, plopping around on lame duck's feet, proclaiming, " What Merica needs is more karn, yes more karn, Hep us get out of this mess with foreign oil." Oh jayzus what a goober. But ol' Corn Pone Grassley sure puts it to the American tax payer as well as any nasty repuklican as you can find.

First, the idjit went of at the mouth on TV and in his Twitter spot avowing that Americans did indeed have to worry about death panels (like Pat Buchannan, Grassley must have a wood problem for Palin since she was one of the first to offer such nonsense and misdirection). Then he went on to admit that there was not going to be any bipartisan effort by the repuklicans on the health care issue, no matter, no way, no how. So, ol Chuckie gets one BITMA for putting this scare tactic out of his mouth.

Second, this morning on CNBC, he was asked if ethanol from corn was ever going to be profitable. He avowed it would be but would not be pinned down as to when. Then, he went on to add that in 3 years ethanol would be extracted from corn cobs, a waste product. Grassley then added how good corn for ethanol was but he gets one more brick for the other mouth because he was instrumental in designing a 54 cents per gallon tariff on Brazilian ethanol which is produced 6 times more effectively from sugar cane. So, what do we get for Grassley's mouthing off on the benefits of corn-based ethanol and for controlling the tariff? Inefficient fuel, more expensive gasoline, and 10 to 15 percent higher prices of foods made from corn or corn products. You see, it ain't enough for this pond scum senator to screw us every living moment out of a chance to make some sense out of the health care debate. Ol' Corn Pone Grassley has got to make sure that we suffer at the gas pump and in the grocery line too.

For his two timing manner, he gets two BITMAs; I only wish I could literally shove one in his mouth and the other in his methane producer.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

At least he's productive enough to kill three birds with one stone:health care, gas, groceries! Gotta give him some credit for that.

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