Friday, June 19, 2009

Not a Sanguine Friday

I am in a mood most bilious, indeed. I think I got torqued up last night after the wrong five minutes watching Keith Olberman's Countdown. I like his commentary generally and especially admire his efforts to find tape or copy that proves that Rushmouth Limpbag or Bull O'Really have misquoted or taken words out of context, which they make a living doing, showing again that Barnum will never be wrong as long as humans trudge the earth. But Keith pulled one himself last night when he had some professor of something or another commenting on Limpbag's bellyaching about Sotomayor's belonging to a women's only club. The professor rather than taking on THE issue stated that there was a Republican woman's only club that was very powerful and that Limpbag never complained about them. And ol' big headed Keith nodded in agreement, obviously missing the point that the women in the Republican club are not nominated for a Supreme Court Justice's job. Hell, I don't care if Sotomayor is in a woman's club or not, but it is worth discussing whether this disqualifies her for the Supreme position or not. Sotomayor is going to be, possibly, on the Supreme Court and a discussion of what effect her belonging to an exclusive club might have on her judgment ought to elicit more than a superfluous dodging of the issue by "an expert" contributor to MSNBC. She's an idiot and so is Olberman for not challenging her logic and depth of intellect on the topic. Olberman must have an offer form FOX NOTNEWS because he employed tactics just like theirs in last night's interview. Ick, damn, ick.
So, here I am bilious to my gills about idiots and in the mood to take a few on. First, to all you who want to drill for oil all over the place: it ain't going to make oil cheaper unless you cap oil prices in the US. We don't set the price of oil nor does supply and demand. The hedge funds, future players,and Saudis set the prices, and those prices are as disconnected from supply and demand as your brain is from your mouths. The oil companies are not going to sell oil to you for 60 a barrel, fools, when they can sell it China for 90. And if you think by drilling in the few last wild places we have is going to keep the money in America, you ain't right either because the money made here by the oil corporations is going to be invested with foreign companies where labor is cheap, the leases beneficial, and bribery easier to pull off. If you really want to have an impact on oil consumption for the security of the country, boost efforts to make cars that get 60 mile per gallon. Or do you really think Americans have the Constitutional right to drive, jacked up, super charged, gas gobbling SUV's and muscle cars. Well I have a tip: it ain't in the Constitution. But I am ready to compromise: let Americans by the biggest, heaviest, military-looking vehicles they can possibly want, but at purchase, be levied a tax based on fuel inefficiency and every year pay the same tax pro-rated against 50 miles per gallon. Those levies will go to offsetting the price of gas for the folks who want to conserve and who drive cars at 50 mpg or better. Don't like that idea? Here is some Polish wisdom for you: toughshitski.
And for those of you who are wrung up about how this proposed new justice might make the Supreme Court political: wake up. It is already political and some of the country doesn't like the politics it represents; so, they voted this new guy in with the hope that he could put some balance to the Supreme Court. If you think it's balanced now with intelligent people, consider the recent rulings to decrease, drastically Exxon's liability for the Valdez disaster (read that a bit and tell me how if ancient maritime law is so damn clear on damages all 9 judges didn't get it.) and take a few moments and read Clarence Thomas' writings, any writings. Remember please, the Supreme Court IS The Constitution and the Constitution was written to define the laws of this country for PEOPLE not for businesses and political parties. Oh yes, and it might be slightly off the topic, but will all you states'rightsists promise not to run to the Supreme Court every damn time a state court's decision goes against you? (See Bush vs Gore or some such mess via 2000 election and the current Colman jackass who lost in Minnesota but wants to go past the state's ruling to the Supreme Court.) For God's sake make up your vacillating, ignorant, punkass, minds. I am terminally nauseated by your damn wanting it both ways all the time. Just frigging quit already.
Now, I haven't finished; I still have plenty of bile for bankers, lying politicians, nepotism in government (not to mention the damned Sate Roads of Delaware)and the public education gutless system. Plus picayune bitches and Little League. But, it is time for me to mount my mighty, Craftsman mower to lay waste to weeds in my yard before they shove the gutter up off my house. Yeah, and I am going to smoke a 2 dollar cigar and chill out.

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