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Monday, June 15, 2009

Ah well is well

My Dog

Sits at a
Window seat for
Humans and stares at the
Moon shinning
Just above the corn
Field and presses her
Nose to the cool slick glass
To sniff
For rabbits
And leaves a thin
Glaze of milky dog
Snot for me to clean.

Dinner Alone
So tonight what will dinner be?
Moon pies, cinnamon swirls,
Good n Plenty with almonds,
Chocolate milk shooters?

A spoon of honey,
A fork of strawberry jam,
A knife of blueberry pie,
A gob of marshmallow whip?

One quart of cookies and cream,
Two packs of Reese’s’ Cups,
Three cartons of chocolate covered crackers,
Four dozen Boston creams?

Dinner is sweeter
When I am alone

If I Licked
The thin skin of your sense-
Ability, would it tear then tear?
Fold over itself and tinge to pale
Cerulean or waste black?

It is back there just behind your ear
Toward the bottom of your scalp
Line, tender, delicious, incorporate
With your heart, an easy target.

Shrew kisses to set the mood and
A slow, lugubrious, trail of my saliva
Left glistening with your sweat
Mixing on your hide and seek.

Ah, you empurple and decline
Dejected, ruined with rage.

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