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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello, Is There Anybody in There

I avoided, of course, the rally starring the Beckster up in DC over the weekend; in fact, truth is I did not think about that display of Constitutional right, at all. I was too busy trying to drag myself around a hot, humid golf course so that I would not lose money to the Worst Golfer in the World (WGW). I would have been better off at the Million Whack-job March (MWM) because I ended up losing 2 hard-earned pension dollars to WGW, a sad day for me, a great day for him. But when I got home about 1230 to let ol Fuzz out because she refuses to pee in the sink, I turned on one or another TV station (it was not FUX Non-new) to see what might have been going on with the hurricane and with the mosque in NYC. Just my luck, there was Thomas Paine’s number one imitator prancing around a platform looking like a cross between the ShamWow dude and Michael Mosto, either of whom can make as much sense on politics, the Constitution, or the Founders (ooooohhhh The Founders) as the Beckster does. At least, this Russian-crew-cut sham of a political commentator did not tote along his folksy blackboard with a whole bunch of pictures and lines and hearts drawn on it. That blackboard drives me nuts, I guess, because I spent so many years trying to make sense at one while the vile, Republican shill from FUX uses it to divide, confuse, and obfuscate - jayzus as if anyone who watches his program has the attention span to last longer than the time it takes to post the first note card.

I do not even care if he held this “rally” on the anniversary of MLK’s date at the same location; despite Glenn-Boy’s perversion of the Constitution, he is entitled to its rights- one does not have to understand the Constitution to benefit from it. I do not care that he cloaked his rally under the guise of religion (damn, how he ended up religious leader I have no clue). Of course, some might suggest that he was a little-short in his “sensitivity” to others much as the Muslims wanting to build the mosque near the 9/11 site are accused of being, among a long list of things, “insensitive” of others. What really pisses me off is his calling this right-wing rally, “Restoring Honor.” I got news for this shrill little man: my honor doesn’t need restoring, and I know a dishonorable jackass, political hack when I see one. This all of course goes back to this fool, and Rust Limpbag, and Dickless Cheney, and Dumbya pissing me off by insisting that I am somehow unpatriotic if I question this nation’s penchant for going to war in places we do not belong. Of course this moron, at every rhetorical turn, in every broadcast, and in his non-books wants us to get in touch with our “Founders” or “Framers”- to be more like “Them.” The Beckster will always conveniently forget that the “Founders” were dissidents who challenged the English tyranny not because it was English but because it was tyranny. And of course this political-grifter will allow you to speak out on tyranny at home- but only if you are speaking out on the purported tyranny of socialism, the tyranny of community organization, the tyranny of liberals, and the tyranny of medical care for all. That’s another problem with the man; he wants to have his tyranny but won’t let me have mine.

One other assumption made by Beck and the rest of his ilk, and this pisses me off to no end, is that their audience will not have the sense to do research on what they pump out as restorative. For example, Beck paraded out a rabbi Saturday- you know let’s bring a Jew up here for a while to show that we ain’t biased. But the rabbi that Beck invited is not your daddy’s rabbi- this holy man is in thick with Rove, DeLay, Bush, and has been linked to that great lobbyist-gone-to-swindler Jack Abramoff. What we really need is a black board on Beck himself and all the “dangerous” folks with whom he prowls. Then the Great Restorer drags out Reverend John Hagee whose endorsement the McCain crowd had to dump when it was revealed that this reverend is not so Christian unless one is of his political persuasion. Go figure. And I WILL NOT go into the appearance of that money-making, half-a-governor BOMBSHELL in LEATHER BUSTIER. I will leave it entirely up to that perpetual conservative erection, Pat Buchannan to take care of her.

Hey, I am glad the Beckster was able to pull off his exercise of Constitutional rights, and I am truly glad that however many thousands went out to see him (I do not care how many; I really don’t). And I am glad that it was a religious rally and not a political one (sure it was). Back in November of 2009, the Great Buffoon announced that he was going to revel (ooohhhh REVEAL) The Plan on August 28, at the foot of Lincoln. Then, his website claims that he was setting up conventions for immersions into topics like self-reliance and community organizing. BUT if you want to go, you got to be self-reliant the way he wants you to be, and you can’t organize communities the way liberals do (ooooohhh community organizers). But you May organize the way the Beckster sees fit.

Oh, did anyone hear what all those folks in attendance want done, anyway? What was it all about, really? Oh, I saw that one had on a shirt in this non-political rally which stated he was for “Spaying and Neutering Liberals.” Droll, but ouch! That would hurt, and surely wouldn’t be very constitutional. Glenn Beck is a squirrel, a rich squirrel for sure, getting richer just like his buddies, but a squirrel none the less. I do not want to be immersed in anything he has to offer, no way, no how, no thanks; I’ll do my own thinking.

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Anonymous said...

Surely you made up that part about the t-shirt displaying "Spaying and Neutering Liberals"...didn't you? Got to see that one!

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