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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Long Overdue BITMAs

It is too much like shooting fish in a thin net to award my Bricks in the Mouth every week; after all we have become a Nation of Stupid. But there have been such ridiculous statements by politicians and their mouthpieces here of late I just have to do it: Challenge is, I guess, to tell which of the following are politicians and which are mouthpieces., if you get my drift.

Equally large bricks: to wanna be senator Sharron Angle and to Rep. Joe Barton for running off at their silly mouths about the BP promised 20 billion as a slush fund. Of course, they are silly assed republicans who would just as son see the BP deal take a turn like the Exxon deal- sit in the courts for 20 years and let Exxon off the hook for 450 billion dollars which of course helped out all the stock holders of Exxon (now raise your hand if youa re reading this and you have more than a hundred shares) and was the real American way and corporate benefit. Of course, a bigger bricks should go to Barton just because he is an “in-office” republican.

Can’t find a brick big enough: to Rust Limpbag for stating ,back in April, that oil was as natural as water and the ocean could take care of itself. So, now this lardass is an environmental scientist. I am not a scientist but I know arsenic is a naturally occurring element just like petroleum and ocean water; so I recommend that instead of popping pain pills this gigantic windbag of republican nonsense take some arsenic pills, a whole bunch, and let his gummy-balled belly take care of itself. And if you are a conservative and really believe this guy has one ounce of sense, please take the arsenic kool aid right along with lead-butt.

Silly brick: Glenp Beckless for allowing that Obama is using BP’s tragedy to cram cap and trade down our throats. Silly boy but folks watch him and believe, don’t know why; he doesn’t have enough brains to pop corn. You have to remember he is the one who compared the congressional hearing on BP to McCarthyism, the Salem Witch Trials, and to feeding Christians to the lions. I guess BP is the Christians and the people of the US the lions? Oh in case you don’t get it: Congress is us, the people.

Silly-assed broad-brick: Michelle Bachmann could get a brick a weak but gets this special one for being as stupid as one can be for claiming that the 20 billion promissory fund would be a “redistribution of wealth.” Well, hell, she sure wouldn’t want Big Business to pay small businesses for losses. Jaysus, who in the hell voted for her, 200,000 Pat Buchannans?
Whole mess of bricks: to the Republican Study Team or suggesting that the 20 billion deal with BP was a “Chicago-style shakedown politics.’ I guess that they would rather the tax payers pay for the mess like they expected when the savings and loans went belly up, Wall Street got TARP to cover their greedy, lying, cheating asses, and how tax payers covered the expense of two wars, tax cuts, two stimuli, and one prescription plan (that would be 1.4 trillion dollars) from their conservative bunky, Dumbya Bush.

Stupid, Tea Bag Brick: to Matt Kibbe for applying teabagger-logic to the BP spill. The very man who leads a large bunch of bananas who want less government blamed the entire scene on government incompetence and on a natural disaster. First, if you have less or no government how can it be wholly competent? Second, somebody tell the fool that a natural disaster, is duh like a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake. There is nothing natural about an oil rig, sitting and drilling in the Gulf. If I were a Tea Bagger, I would disassociate myself from any fool who does not understand natural disasters.

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Anonymous said...

Well, tickle my timbers, I had no idea that you were such a loyal fan of Rush Limbaugh's!! I personally prefer to address him as Rush Limpballs.

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