Thursday, March 18, 2010

That's Wut I Yam Talkin Bout

Fuzz just got her first haircut since November and is at this exact moment in the back yard rolling in two or three toads, a pony, and an older elephant that died over the winter and now lie in Aqua Acres' Tar Pit. She loves it. I wanted to commune with her to pick up some good vibes, but she refuses, commenting only that any thoughts of republicans or Glenn Beck might make her contract distemper. Can't say I blame her; I have political-distemper and am pissed and am going to vent anyway:

How many ways can the insurances companies have unbridled intercourse with the poor American consumer? Home insurance, auto insurance, disability insurance, and health insurance benefiting from the highest increases ever recorded in the industry, all approved in one form or another by state insurance commissioners who would no doubt fornicate with the devil to keep a job. Therein lies the biggest sham-woolie pulled over working class America since Caucasians stole Manhattan. While we bitch and moan at each other about left or right, right or wrong, insurance companies are sticking it in every orifice they can find, not a romantic coupling either but one which defies all logic. Cars are driven less; folks are driving older models; death rates via vehicular misfortune are the lowest in a decade; homes have shrunken in value at least 20 percent; few people are buying new homes; millions without work BUT all insurances have gone up across the country, increases very often approved by some commissioner or another who was hired and/or elected to keep insurance companies from raping us but who, instead, became the lookout at the gang-bang. What possible economic data could be used to justify such rate increases? And do not tell me to shop wiser, damn it. If they all get 25 percent increases, what's the use to flagellate myself and risk getting lowballed by some company to find in a year I am right back where I started but with less coverage? PS: don't waste your time talking or writing to Delaware's insurance commissioner: she will NOT answer questions; she will NOT provide information on how she reconciles rate increases; she will NOT reveal rates granted to the industry; she WILL give you a Mickey Mouse lesson on what it takes to keep an insurance company in business (didn't know that was on her plate);she WILL tell you that information which a company provides to justify its rate increase is proprietary. What a sham that office is.

What are you wonderful no-government-folks leaving your grandchildren with when you deny funding for public education? Allowing schools to cram 40 kids in a classroom, to close schools to meet budgets, and to continue to encourage schools to be tests mills, spending millions on test structuring when not ONE assessment expert will claim that a single test is adequate for determining the ability of a student will make them intellectually poor when you are the very ones always bitching that schools are not doing their jobs. No Child Left Behind left a generation behind and no wonder. The dude who came up with the idea cheated by manufacturing Texas' test results to make his program look good. What a righteous brother, and the republicans and democrats kept right on keeping on because it took the heat off them to show some actual leadership in educational policy and put it squarely on the butt of the person with the least control over all the factors at play in the education of a child: the classroom teacher. From Delmar to Wilmington not one operational officer can tell anyone how to get the unruly kids to shut the hell up so that instruction can progress, but they all can line the same kids up in neat little rows once a year to take some half-witted state test to meet some quarter-witted federal unfunded mandate and then when the results ain't so spiffy, they can blame the teachers, again. What a joke public education is, what a cesspool, what a waste of money.

Finally, you morons who keep bitching about your taxes and government interference in your life, just give it the hell up. First, are you not the ones who out the other side of your mouths say you can't get soemthing for nothing? How about the tax dollars forked over for operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, who paid for that? How about 680 billion in prescription drugs, who paid for that? How about two stimuli checks for whatever (350 billion) to a whole bunch of people, who paid for that? What about the billions spent on "supplementals" on the above mentioned operations overseas that were never mentioned nor carried on the books so that they could be counted as an expense, who paid for them? No one single freaking soul, that's who. All charged, all on the cuff, all still sitting there for our stupefied g-kids to pay for. And all you hypocrites who constantly yammer about paying your bills and spending wisely and not buying more than you can afford, say, why don't you pony up the money it took to run up those debts; you pay for those debts because I never once heard you moaning about those expenses.

Be whatever you want to be, just don't be a damn hypocrite. Plus if you made a living all your life from a local, state, or federal government-job do NOT bitch about paying taxes.

Now, that's wut I yam talkin bout.

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Anonymous said...

I yam in agreement with most of what you spewed forth today!! Good job.