Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dumb and More Dumber by the Hour

Pretty much that is my take on current events; in fact, I have not penned anything here because I get frustrated about not being able to write about all the stupidity that goes on; there is so much of it.

Take the mini-investigation the CNN did or is doing (don't know; quit watching) on how the stimulus money was being spent. Well, they found a little crossroads of a town in west, bumfuck Nebraska or some such place with wind and grain elevators with about 1100 residents and 11 million of stimulus for a bypass over a well-used section of railroad ( no doubt they chose this community because of the ease of the division). The morons from CNN interviewed some folks around the local morning-eat-your-eggs-and-gossip-joint and found one woman who complained that she only got six weeks of work at 10 bucks an hour as a flag waver. Then CNN pans to an incomplete over-pass-of-a-bridge while Frank the Farmer complains that they didn't need the overpass no how because the waiting at the intersection of the railroad was none too long, anyways. So, CNN says if this bridge didn't create any jobs here, was it worth the 10 thousand a person it cost? Was that question a classic example of the liberal press at work? No,what it was was a classic example of how stupid CNN is and how stupid anyone is who bought that silliness. OK let me help: maybe the chunky bitch stuffing eggs down her gut didn't get a full-time job; why doesn't she give back the 2400 she made holding a damn flag, less the taxes she paid, of course. And why didn't CNN go on down the road to find out how many people at the cement mixing plant got to keep their jobs a little longer, and then onto the fabricator of the guard rails, the wire mesh and rod in the concrete, and the columns and beams of steel, and the industry that provided the raw materials for the cement mixer, the engineers who designed the bridge, and the asphalt manufactures and workers who will make and lay the asphalt when the weather permits to see how they liked keeping their jobs. CNN did not interview a soul at the cement plant or other companies that I mention. Instead, in a splendid example of deplorable journalism, it implied this was not a stimulus but a give away of 10 K per person without creating a job. That's moronic. What's more moronic is how CNN carped on and on about how "they should" have done better. The they of course implies the present administration which is guilty of wasting YOUR tax dollars. CNN must have forgotten that the state was given the money in a stimulus and that this state got to decide where to spend it. If the state didn't need a freaking bridge in Gnarly, Nebraska then it's the damed state-legislation that's to blame not the stimulus package. All of the money sent to states where used or are going to be used as the states see fit. Of course, if you don't believe that it is a good thing to give states some money to help them make payrolls that's one thing and another argument. But if CNN thinks a project wasteful then they should prove it with a complete examination instead of working a public that will jump on any silly June-bug to begin a foaming rant about how crooked or socialist "they" are.

Another case of utter, mass dullness and national stupidity occurred in the reaction to Ray LaHood's statement, " "My advice is, if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it. Take it to a Toyota dealer because they believe they have a fix for it." Now, let me tell you, I am as dumb as a malnutritioned billy-goat, but even I knew that the man did not mean to literally stop driving the car and drag it by a chain to Toyota for repair. Anyone with one freaking teaspoon of common sense knows what the man meant. Yet, "Toyota's shares hit the skids after transport czar Ray LaHood's "stop driving" blunder" becomes the "liberal" press' headline. The damned stock fell because Toyota has dangerous accelerator problems in several models, acceleration problems in the Tacoma, and brake problems in the Prius, AND has, in the fashion of most big businesses, attempted to stonewall the situations and blame part on wrinkled floor mats and driver-error instead of fessing up that they have maybe millions of cars on the road with defects that might cause their drivers serious harm or death. Hell, if you have one of the models, you ought to stop driving it, have it towed to the dealer, stick him/her with the towing bill, and hope they repair it. To make matters worse on this topic, this morning one of the dumbest sonsabitches in our galaxy, Joe Kernen, CNBC's dolt-of-the-day, proclaimed in his "liberal" manner that LaHood might have made this announcement to benefit GM with whom the government is partners. What a maroooooooon. (I write CNBC as often as I can get up the energy to complain about this guy; it does no good.) How can any one person be so stupid? How can anyone listen to that statement and believe it, but you can believe there are whole bunches who do. Hello, the damned cars and trucks are dangerous, don't drive the damn things and get 'em fixed, NOW before you kill me!

And there you go, two and a half reasons why I will never lack for a topic if I simply stick with just how flat-assed stupid folks are in this country.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds crazy, but I naively bought the story about the car mats.........The mat in my American car gets stuck under my accelerator all the time and prevents me from speeding!! I've kind of gotten used to it and look it as speeding ticket prevention, but when I straighten it out, it works just fine!