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Monday, October 19, 2009

snacking at Victoria’s

snifting through the bras (brassieres i mutter), fondling the
thongs, hoodies; if the floor matron
wasn’t so on guard i would drool over
the pushups; the demis, I would nibble for hours

i stroll, yes , stroll by and graze,
wishing for a dream, tongue the blue
string bikinis ever so faintly; over-hip-
huggers, the pink, i tease with my teeth

in a feeding frenzy, I gnash at the sheer baby doll;
gobble the merry widows, exquisite coral ;
wolf down the Lacies in raspberry rose;
inhale the halter teddy, basic black

for dessert a warm blush, silk romper,
fattening (silk does that to me) and i
let melt in my mouth, while i roil, swept in chills,
the satin, platinum, Sexy Little Thing


Anonymous said...

Very nice. I fantasize about the items too.......only my fantasy is to be able to purchase something that makes me look like one of the models!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Anonymous!

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