Monday, July 13, 2009

Supeme Circus

Gosh a new reality show or is it the Senate judicial committee pretending to have sense? First, there are NO reality shows; they ain't real. Second, the Senate collectively and individually have NO SENSE; they are stupid, rich yes, stupid yes.
This entire hearing to investigate Sotomayor's eligibility to be a Supreme Court justice is a non sequitur which can be explained in two words: Clarence Thomas. End of story.

But while I am hot on the topic I will set the record straight. For all those of you worried about the judge making law rather than interpreting law, give it the hell up. Once the law is interpreted, you dopes, that interpretation becomes the new law, end of story.

For those of you worried that she is a liberal, feminist out to stick it to white men and women, jazus give it up. So what? The Republican presidents have stacked the Court with conservative-leaning judges. What makes conservative better than liberal? Nothing, no a damned thing, damn it. The Court should represent American values, not just conservative values which as far as I can figure means business wins and people lose.

For those of you who are worried about her being a less than strict Constitutionalist, jumpin, double, Jehoshaphat, give it up. The Constitution can't be followed strictly anymore than you conservatives can turn off the internet. Let me be plainer. The Constitution has to be fluid because the framers did not, could not, anticipate how society, technology, business, wars, and citizens could change. If it were a static document, would we have amendments? Do you think Thomas Jefferson ever conceived of an argument about who had the right to control a woman's body? Hell no, he didn't; women couldn't even vote and as far as I can tell were about one step above slaves during the time of Jefferson. Could Jefferson have seen the potential argument over stem cell research? Give me a break on "strict constitutional" interpretation.

If a person reads or observes some thoughtful writings and accountings about this jurist other than FOX NEWS, Glenn Beck, Boss Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly, that person would realize that Sotomayor is bright enough, independent enough, and experienced enough to be a Supreme Court justice. And quit citing all her decisions that were overturned by the current Court as if that were gospel; 5-4 means one person agreed with 4 others and disagreed with 4 others. A 5-4 baseball game says no more about a team's worth than a 5-4 decision says about a lower judge's ability as a judge. (I can expand on this but won't but do suggest that if you think this is off-the-hook-thinking consider: decisions turn on what one word the Supreme Court might think has the precedent setting power, one damned word out of thousands of pages of briefs and precedents.) Of course, if you think the United States is better off having a bunch of white men run the laws of the country, you will disagree.

But just quit. You had your way for a long time, now quit whining and take up religion. You need to pray that a justice from the block voting 5 side doesn't croak or retire while the Democrats have a trifecta of power in our Capitol.

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