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Monday, June 8, 2009

Why Am I All Mixed-Up?

I have been back from Germany barely a week,and I find myself sinking once again into a state of constant confusion on all sorts of topics. I mean, jeez, is there anyway, except liquor, that I can shut off those little clusters of brain cells which just won't leave me alone?
There's that little tad of cells that insist that I award the BITMA to Russ Limbaugh, but he would win it all the time and besides one brick isn't enough for all that mouth. And writing about what a fool he is is very much like getting a squirrel to eat from a bird feeder: way too easy. But the cells are persistent; how in the world did such a fool get into a position to make all that money and why in the world would anyone listen to him in the first place, seeing that his criteria for "reporting" are volume, quantity, distortion, meanness, outright lying, and stupidity.
Those Limbaugh cells are connected to the "conservative cells" (ain't Limbutt a conservative?) and are triggered each morning by another buffoon, Joe Scarborough, who whines for three hours every morning ( I guess it is three; I can only stand it for a couple of minutes anymore) about fixing everything from federal debt to auto styles by adhering to conservative politics. What Scarborough fails to admit is that, since Lyndon Johnson's term, only Repuklican president Nixon maintained a growth in GDP that was higher than the national debt, only Nixon, imagine that. Johnson did, Cater did, Clinton did, both Bushes DID NOT. Regan, the conservatives' touchstone, didn't come close, and he remains the grossest myth of politics since the explosion in the Gulf of Tonkin. And if one checks when the Repuklicans were in congressional office, put there by folks who wanted conservatism to reign as a political policy, the numbers are worse. Look it up, you conservatives; use some data once in a while in your arguments; use some non-distorted, non-spun history, and report the truth. The only folks who make out when so called conservatives are in office are oil, defense, and government services (check out Haliburton's profits while our conservative, don't spend tax payers' monies, lying, Dick Cheney was in office).
Really, I am confused because I like the idea of conserving, love the idea of surplus, admire paying-off our debt to China, and appreciate any law that does not intrude on my rights to be OK. I just can't see the conservatives doing much but spreading fear, hate, bigotry, and lying just to stay in office or on the air. I am pretty sure that there are conservatives somewhere that make sense; they are not, however, in office. Disclaimer: the Demorats are not any better. All of the confusion is caused by officials who want laws, wars, battleships, Head Starts, Medicare,etc.,etc., but refuse to enforce or to pay for them
I am positive that I will stay in the state of confusion because I can't afford to move. My wants are simple: local and federal officials who spend wisely and not for reelection, law officials who apply laws regardless of a person's income, color, or personal persuasions, and a community that doesn't care what other person get unless that getting would abridges its Constitutional rights. Not a chance at "de-confusing" me like this: it would be democratic.

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