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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Peregrinations

I have no clue what a twitter is or who would want one, yet I have posted a link to it (?) them(?) in my side bar. Goodness, I am so with it.

If anybody out here knows anybody who can get rid of Joe Scarborough and the entire program Morning Joe, please help bring responsible journalism (awwwwkkkk he is not a journalist?) to cable news by dumping him and his entire cast of smarmy, steany, group from the morning line up on MSNBC. For him Imus was replaced, holymoly!

Jake DeSantis thanks for quitting AIG, you big-assed cry baby. You admire Ed Liddy for staying in there and taking a national beating but Jake, you can't hang in there because we want your bonus back. Dumbass Jake, the taxpayers own your freaking company; we ought to fire the board who approved your bonus. How much money do you need to get by,dude?

A huge hug to Steven P. Millies of Aiken,SC for his letter to the editor of The New York Times who wrote, in part, "A.I.G. is not our economic problem. It is a symbol, as Mr. DeSantis now is a symbol. . . The problem is income disparity." We all ought to put Mr. Millies letter up on the mirror because he's hit the truth. Incidentally, Joe Scarborough did not know what the current wealth distribution in the US is, nor did his over paid co-hosts. Of course, he didn't know he has not a glimmer of how 97% of the nation feels about excess and waste.

President Obama scares me a bit; he is the only President in memory who actually is attempting to enact the planks of the platform on which he ran. Like him or not, folks he is doing what he said when he ran.
Here's link to another view of how to budget the United States.

If you ever wonder about tax dollars and educational leadership here's an interesting statistic from, Wicomico County class of 2009 has 1/4 of its class of 2009 NOT passing the high school assessment; that would be 25 percent of its class of 2009 not meeting the state's minimum standards. According to my inspection Wicomico has the worst class in all the counties of MD.

In Delaware there are other staggering figures which reveal educational leadership, Woodbridge District 2008 scores: 39% cannot write to standards; 37% do not pass reading; 53% can't do math; and 68% can't do science. This information is on DOPE's (Dept. of Public Education) DSTP web page. Annnnnnd the questions is after 10 or more years of state testing and a waste of millions of dollars aimed at assessment based instruction, are we any better of?

Anyone know a state legislator with the courage to introduce that requires all elected officials in DE to report for and take the battery of DSTP test for 8th graders and have the results published when the school districts get their "port" card?

Anyone out there see stimulus money or government effort to invent, design, conjure an adapter or modification that will help improve gas mileage on current models? Can't be done?

How about a huge tax credit for individuals who collectively buy cars with at least 3 others to use that car for work-related transportation? People cheat too much?

If Wall Street and the banks are squealing in pain and bitching to the press is that a good or bad thing for us?

How about closing schools 10 percent of the time and reducing pay based on that closing. Holymoly what would happen if we closed the schools 10 percent (18 days) and the kids scored the same? Bet they would; I bet they would improve.

How about this; take the total cost of uniform replacement, every 3 years, for a interscholastic sport in DE, add that to the cost of coaching, officiating, transportation, energy, insurance, etc plus a 5 percent rainy day charge. Take that total, school by school and divide it by the number competing and charge parents that amount for kids who participate. Ditto for the band. I don't want to hear about the poor kids or any such nonsense for we know sports is more important than test scores so why not pay for it by subscriber?

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